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New "ACS in Focus" book: Astrochemistry by Olivia Harper Wilkins & Geoffrey A. Blake.
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Misconceptions in Astrochemistry: A Chemist's Guide – Symposium at Pacifichem 2021 in Honolulu, HI – 16-21 December 2021
Astrochemistry in Acc Chem Res

A thematic issue of Accounts of Chemical Research on "Astrochemistry and Planetary Science" is now available. It was co-edited by Subdivision members Prof. Susanna Widicus Weaver and Prof. Ryan Fortenberry.

Objectives of the Astrochemistry Subdivision

Astrochemistry is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of modern science. The purpose of this subdivision is to promote work in this field.

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Additonal Activities

The next AstroCheminar will be September 8 and will feature talks by Prof. Cristina Puzzarini and Olivia Wilkins. Click HERE to see titles/abstracts and to register.

Astrochemistry Discussions is starting its fall series soon as well.

Astrochemistry Dissertation Award

Each year the subdivision recognizes an outstanding Ph.D. thesis from within the preceding two calendar years. Applications are due around March 1. The winner will receive a $500 prize, an invitation to give a talk at the Fall ACS meeting, and a $500 travel award provided by ACS Earth and Space Chemistry to attend the Fall ACS meeting. The recipient and nominators must be members of the Astrochemistry Subdivision, and the Ph.D. must be conferred by the deadline. The 2021 recipient of the award is Dr. Danna Qasim, currently a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center.

Astrochemistry Student Opportunities

For students interested in contacting astrochemistry practitioners, this is a (ever-changing) listing of academic faculty and NASA researchers who work in the field.

Astrochemistry in C&EN

Stories about Astrochemistry are featured regularly in the ACS weekly magazine, Chemical & Engineering News—and have been for many years. Check out the archive! Updated 22 July 2021.