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Astrochemists Shake Hands in Space

ACS Astrochemistry subdivision members have discovered the first chiral molecule in space. Their work paves the way for understanding enantiomeric prebiotic chemistry.

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Objectives of the Astrochemistry Subdivision

Astrochemistry is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of modern science. The purpose of this subdivision is to promote work in this field.

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Upcoming Astrochemistry Symposia

ACS Fall 2017 in Washington, DC: Molecules in space: Linking the interstellar medium to (exo)planets. 20-24 August 2017.

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Astrochemistry Dissertation Award

Each year the sudvision recognizes an outstanding Ph.D. thesis from within the preceding two calendar years. The award consists of a $500 cash prize, an invitation to give a talk at the fall ACS meeting, a $500 travel award provided by ACS Earth and Space Chemistry to attend the fall ACS meeting, and a certificate. The recipient and nominators must be members of the Astrochemistry Subdivision, and the Ph.D. must be conferred by the deadline.


Astrochemistry Student Opportunities

For students interested in pursuing graduate work, postdoctoral opportunities, and summer interships (even at NASA installations) within the multidisciplinary field of astrochemistry, this is a (ever-changing) listing of academic faculty and NASA researchers who are interested in astrochemistry.