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ACS Earth and Space Chemistry Journal Launches

ACS Publications has launched ACS Earth and Space Chemistry with submissions open now. It promises to be a high-impact journal with one of its primary outlets being astrochemistry. Several subdivision members are involved in the project giving a new outlet for astrochemistry and atmospheric related research.

Fall 2016 ACS Philadelphia Wraps Up

The Frontiers of Solar System Chemistry-From Planets to Comets and Beyond symoposium at ACS Philadelphia wrapped up on August 21, 2016. Thank you, Reggie and Stefanie, for a job well done! We had over 50 total speakers, kept the room attendance largely over 30, and even peaked near 75. It was a very successful program with lots of questions and good discussion. The entire breadth of astrochemistry was represented. The good-natured discussions also lead to some promising future work. Thank you all who attended.
Brian Hays

We would also like to thank our most recent Dissertation Awardee, Dr. Brian Hays, for his contribution to the symposium.
Brian Hays

Astrochemistry Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

The 2016 ACS Astrochemistry subdivision has been awarded to Dr. Brian Hays formerly of Emory University now at Purdue University. The full announcement about Dr. Hays's work is given here. For more information about the award and now to apply or nominate a recent Ph.D., please see the dissertation award guidelines.

Spring 2017 Astrochemistry Symposium

The 253rd ACS National Meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA on 2-6 April 2017. The Astrochemistry symposium for this meeting is entitled "Expanding the Frontiers in Condensed Phase Astrochemistry: Electron Transfer Processes in Ices and Catalysis on Interstellar Grains". More information is given with the announcement.

Astrochemistry in Scientific American

A recent article appearing in the popular science magazine Scientific American is bringing astrochemistry to the forefront of modern science. Check out "The Hunt for Alien Molecules" by Clara Moskowitz.