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Objectives of the ACS Astrochemistry Subdivision

Objective 1: To advance the knowledge in the field of Astrochemistry.

Objective 2: To explore new frontiers in the chemistry in extraterrestrial, extreme environments and to discover new (unexpected) chemical concepts

Objective 3: To encourage and to promote research, collaboration, discussion and education in Astrochemistry among specialists in chemistry, physics, biology, and astronomy. Bridging these disciplines will be one of the central challenges and goals for the division and can have a profound effect on the quality of the scientific undertaking.

Objective 4: To provide a communication platform for the interdisciplinary field of Astrochemistry including experimental physical chemists, physical organic chemists, surface scientists, theoretical chemists, chemical biology, spectroscopists, atmospheric chemists, planetary scientists, and astronomers and to promote communication between these scientists thus giving Astrochemists a unifying voice.

Objective 5: To break down the traditional barriers between chemists, astronomers, and planetary scientists.

Objective 6: To promote Astrochemistry to undergraduate chemistry, physics, and astronomy students and to encourage interest in the field for graduate study.

Objective 7: To mentor undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in the field of Astrochemistry.

Objective 8: To open a dialog and to promote collaborations such as with the UK Astrophysical Chemistry Group (Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Astronomical Society) and Dutch Astrochemistry Network (DAN).